Zia Tasker

Zumba and Zumba Classes in Woking and Surrey

Zumba at 'GLive' · London Road · Guildford · GU1 2AA
GLive logo Mondays @ 6pm - £5.50 per class

Zumba Toning Tuesday 7:30pm Addlestone Leisure Centre

Other Zumba class times and places are as follows:

  • Fridays 10am Zumba Addlestone Leisure Centre

Zia Tasker is a qualified, certified Zumba instructor

If you would like to bring zumba into your area or venue contact Zia
Zia is available for zumba cover.

For more information on our Zumba Classes in Addlestone, Esher, Weybridge, Claygate & Guildford then just contact us.


ZUMBA! A world wide phenomenon! Why? Because it is




People of all ages, nationalities, shapes, sizes and backgrounds join together for an electric party atmosphere! I believe its enormous success is due to it being an opportunity for ordinary people to bring music and dance into their daily lives.

Once upon a time people could only party at a club, wedding or birthday celebration. Where as now the Zumba party with all of it's treats , exotic tunes and benefits, is available every day!

SO, don't delay and bring that party feeling into your lives!

Most definitely my way of getting fit!

The music will dissolve your worries and your surplus fat alike!!!

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