What is Salsa?

The word 'Salsa' means 'a variety of ingredients' which simply describes what salsa dancing is! It is an umbrella term encompassing a fusion of rhythms from Latin American to Afro Cuban. They include a myriad of dances, such as mambo, chachacha, son, cumbia, guaira, guaracha, songo, meringue and bachata to name but a few!

Salsa is of course the pinnacle of our aim, however to truly learn to dance is so much more. Salsa Soul teaches various styles of salsa and Latin American dances. Primarily the Cuban and Cross body styles are those concentrated on, with a huge variety of music being played after classes from salsa to Lambada.

Dancing in its many forms is a physical expression and personal interpretation of music. Learning to dance is one thing, but learning to feel the music and feel a sense of exhilaration due to that ability to express is priceless! The enthusiasm bubbling within the salsa soul classes makes learning to dance painless and fun, whilst burning up to 300 plus calories!

Zia Tasker has a long standing dance background having practiced dance in the forms of tap, modern and ballet from the age of three. In these disciplines she passed all grades and moved on to Latin dance with a need to express herself more individually. Whilst on her journey Salsa Soul has appeared in several newspaper articles and two magazines, the most recent featuring Zia's tuition of a competition winner in 'Glamour Magazine'. She also coached a London Classical Dance school when they included Salsa in a show performance.

Salsa! Salsa! Salsa!
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