8 Basic Steps:
  • Mambo ( forward , back)
  • Rumba (side step)
  • Open Out
  • Back Step
  • Cuban Basic (guaper)
  • Cuban Travelling Step
  • Travelling Step
  • Rotating Basic step
Ariba/Baho (forward an back walking in salsa rhythm)
Delequeno (cross body Cuban style)
Enchufla (ladies left turn)
Ladies right Turn

Lead and follow techniques

Initial introduction into contra body movement, tension and body isolation

Advanced understanding of relationship with ones partner and the dance floor
Additional Emphasis on strong lead techniques
Advance ones understanding of contra body movement, tension and body isolation
De Lequeno with ladies right and left turn
De Lequeno with ladies double right turn
De Lequeno with mans right turn
Enchufla and mans left turn
Enchufla and mans right hook turn
Enchufla Doble
Additional Enchufla Variations
Embellishment of Basic Steps
La Prima
Additional emphasis on spinning techniques
Additional emphasis on leading techniques
Optional styling techniques with head, hips, hands/arms, feet, weight distribution and top half of torso
Fun tricks, twists and dips

Perfection of 'all' basic steps, concerning lead and execution
Superior spinning techniques
Multiple spins
Advanced ability in contra body movement, tension and body isolation
Extensive array of sequenced steps to be used in free style and Rueda

Embellishment of steps learnt in previous levels for example:
° Sombrero Complicado
° Sombrero Variations
° Setenta Complicado
° Setenta Variations
° La Prima Con Hermana
° La Familia

Use of travelling steps to form Paseala and Pasaela Con Sacala
Infinite Additional Moves
Additional Footwork

Progressed techniques in leading such as:
° Gentle but firm lead
° Invisible leads
° Superior wrist technique
° Ladies primary lead pressure points

Visual lead aids, such as body language and eyes
Superior Balance and weight distribution for styling
Superior understanding of musicality and how to apply to steps and beat to enable smooth, continuity in the execution of lead, moves and dance floor use
Timing and how to adapt it to individual style

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