Latest News: 8th April 2014

Wed May 21st Special London Guest Teacher 'Patricia Rezende' will introduce us to 'LAMBADA'
9pm after all level salsa classes as usual

FREE First Beginners Salsa Classes at Bed Bar and Woking Leisure Centre EVERY WEEK in WOKING

First Wednesday of every month 9pm KIZOMBA class with Guest Teacher Don Kar. Usual all-level 8pm salsa classes

Zumba classes throughout the week

Salsa Classes and Zumba Classes in Woking and Surrey

Salsa Soul was created by Zia Tasker in an attempt to bring to life a professional, yet relaxed and friendly environment in which normal people can comfortably learn to dance Salsa, or take a Zumba class to burn those extra calories.
Zia Tasker

Salsa Soul invites, entertains and encourages a cosmopolitan blend of students - no partner is required and absolute beginners are welcome to our salsa classes!
Zia believes that Salsa and dance should be available and enjoyed by all shapes, sizes, cultures, nationalities, backgrounds and age groups.
She knows that the lure of the Latin flavour once sampled is absolutely addictive. One will find that amidst a unique social activity a feel-good factor like no other is released! Salsa within the right group of people has the power to transform your life!'

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